Changing The Blog

 Mom doesn't like the way the blog please pardon the dust while she tries to turn it into something cool...really, I don't want cute. Even though I know I am. And you know I am.   Sure I'm smiling at you...

Later dudes!


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Losing the Nippers

Just think I gave my Mom a heart attack as one of my teeth just fell out. Actually, I think it must have been the blood as I didn't notice it at all. See, my human brother has been here for almost a week and he's been doing the tug-of-war thing with me. Yeah, that makes me happy! But it also makes me lose teeth, which can get quite messy at times.

Today we went to the Rathaus in Vienna and I was a star! Yup, my Dad had put me in the backpack and was carrying me around as usual. He stopped to talk to Mom and my brother Kyle when they noticed two separate groups of people taking my picture. What can I say? I'm a cute pup!

My humans are gearing up for something called Christmas. It's a holiday and they tell me I'll be getting presents. I'll probably like the paper best anyway. Can't wait to tell you about what happens on that day!

Here's wishing you all the happiest of holiday seasons. What's a season anyway? It's hot, it's cold, the sun shines or it doesn't. Such is the life of a pup.


Now I'm Blogging

Now that I'm losing my baby teeth and getting the grown-up ones, Mom says it's time for me to start blogging! What's blogging anyway? All I know is that I'll be tellin' you about my adventures with my Mom and Dad.

They adopted me when I was just a pup of 10 weeks old in a place near Salzburg called Stephensdorf. I had two sisters that found wonderful homes as well. I've been growing, losing my little nippers that made Mom give me the name Piranha Boy and going to puppy class.

What more can a puppy ask for?